About us

ShenYin & WanGuo Futures Co., Ltd (SWS Futures) is the subsidiary company of Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd. We own registered capital of CNY 1.119 billion, ranking among the top tier of China’s futures companies.

We keep with the business norms of “legitimacy, compliance and standardization” and develop the enterprise spirit of “emancipating the mind, promoting real practice and pursuing all-around excellence.”

Since our foundation, our main performance indicators have improved rapidly at a speed 3-4 times of the industrial average every year. We are among the 1st batch of the industry :

Obtain the Investment Advisory License and the Asset Management licenses.

Obtain the securities investment fund sales license.

To set up a subsidiary company to provide risk management services.

To obtain the CFFEX full-clearing membership.

We have been consecutively rated as a firm of “Category A class AA” – the highest rating for futures companies by CSRC.

Group Structure

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